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Terms & Conditions of Sale

Kingz Kustomz is an auto garage based in Leicester, that provides vehicles on rent, provides repairs and services, and supplies OEM components, especially tyres, to customers across the UK. Kingz Kustomz is based at

263 - 265 Aylestone Road, Leicester, LE2 7QJ, UK. They can be contacted through telephone 0116 298 4777 and email (

All the terms and conditions that are stated on this page govern the relationship between the company Kingz Kustomz and their customers.


“We” or “Our” refers to Kingz Kustomz.

“Our site” or “Our website” refers to the company website ( owned and controlled by Kingz Kustomz.

“You” refers to our customers and visitors/users of our website.

Please go through the terms and conditions mentioned on this page thoroughly:

1. Online price and transactions

The price of the all the products and services that we render is in pounds, with the cost of labour and part, and VAT included.

Online purchase or the booking an appointment to use our services does not put you in any contractual obligations with us; it represents an offer from you to buy and/or use the products and services we provide.

We are well within our rights to postpone or cancel the order, even after providing an order confirmation to you, if we are unable to fulfil that order. We may be unable to fulfil that order if the purchased product is out of stock or the information about the purchased product/service is found to be incorrect. In this case, we will contact you and offer an equivalent product/ reschedule the cancelled appointment. If we fail to find an agreement over the new offer, then you may cancel the order and claim a full refund. We are not accountable for any loss that results from the delay in processing your order or its cancellation. We are only liable to refund the customer for the cancelled order.

2. Incorrect order

We are not liable for any damages caused by your order of tyres with incorrect dimensions from our website. It is only your responsibility to make sure that the tyres you buy from our website meet your vehicle's specifications. The standard procedure for returns/refunds will be followed in such cases.

3. Returns/Refunds

We shall not accept returns, nor provide refunds for OEM components that have been already fitted to your vehicle. If you found the OEM component to be defective after being fitted, you may buy a replacement product from us as we send the defective product to the manufacturer for assessment. If the product is confirmed faulty by the manufacturer, then we shall refund the cost of the replacement component in full. We are only liable to refund you for the purchase of the faulty component.

4. Missing appointments

You must bring your vehicle to our garage on time as per the scheduled appointment. The delay from your side may impact the planned schedule, and could also lead to cancellation of the scheduled appointment. This will require you to reschedule again. If you need to submit your vehicle for servicing, then it must be at our garage by 08:30 am.

If the payments of the purchased services have already been completed, and you cancel the appointment without giving us adequate notice, then we reserve the right to withhold 100% of the MOT cost and 50% of the servicing cost.

5. Cancellations and reschedules

You can cancel and reschedule the servicing/MOT/repairs appointment, subject to our availability, to a later date. You must inform us about the cancellation at least 2 days before the date of the appointment.

In case you have already left your vehicle at our garage for repairs, you may cancel and opt-out from using our repair service, and are entitled to claim a full refund provided we have not started working on it. In case repair work has already commenced, you shall be subjected to a small cancellation fee.

For online order cancellation, it must be made in 24 hours from the time of purchase for you to be eligible to claim a full refund.

6. Estimates

The cost estimates we provide after inspecting your vehicle for repairs/servicing are valid for 14 days only, after which they will be considered invalid. The cost of the labour, materials, and spare parts used are also included in the dispatched estimate. You may be subjected to additional cost if additional faults are detected after your vehicle is stripped down at the garage. You will be notified about the additional cost first, and only upon your consent shall the repair work commence.

7. Conduct

Submitting your vehicle at our garage for servicing/repairs essentially consents us to test the vehicle on the road. We test the vehicle on the road to ensure that the repairs/ servicing have been completed successfully.

Make sure you remove all the valuable belongings from the vehicle before you leave it at our garage. We are not liable to damages caused by the loss of these valuables.

Any recommendations provided by our employee, if not stated in writing, should you choose to act on them, will be at your own risk. We are not liable to the consequences of you acting on these recommendations.

8. Parts

If you wish to inspect the components that were detected to be faulty and were replaced, then you must notify us when you leave the vehicle at our premise. If the request has not been made to us in advance, all the defective components that were removed and replaced during repairs and/or services will be considered as our property and disposed of, strictly adhering to the norms put forth by environmental regulations.

9. Payment

We accept payments for our products/services in the form of cash, debit card, casino bonus, credit card, or any other valid bank cards for online casinofisher casinos. Payment for online casino purchase must be completed while placing the order or receiving the ordered product. Payments for our services (repairs, vehicle servicing, vehicle hire and MOT check) can be made after completion of the work. However, you may need to pay a part of the cost initially as a deposit before we provide the requested service.

In case of non-payment or incomplete payment from your side after using our services, we shall claim a general lien on your vehicle. Garage rent will also be added as outstanding payment for the period your vehicle is held at our premise because of being subjected to the lien. If the unpaid bill is not fulfilled within 3 months from its date of dispatch, then we are within our rights to sell the vehicle, including its components without providing with you any prior notice. The proceeds gained from this sale shall serve as payment of your outstanding bill.

10. Guarantee claims

The OEM components, including tyres we sell on our site and garage, are covered by manufacturer's guarantee. When you claim a guarantee on the product/service we provide, you must present the claim with an invoice that serves as a proof of purchase.

We do not provide guarantees on adjustment services such as wheel alignment and wheel balancing, as these are significantly affected by your driving behaviour and terrain condition.

Your guarantee claim may get rejected based on following grounds: The concerned product has been damaged because of failure of adherence to manufacturer's servicing and operating instructions.

The concerned product has been damaged because of a natural calamity, theft or normal wear and tear.

The concerned product was serviced and/or repaired by another garage without our prior consent.

11. Privacy policy

Refer the privacy policy page for details.


We reserve the right to cancel the order if:
There is insufficient stock to deliver the goods you have ordered.
If one or more of the Tyres/Services booked were listed at an incorrect price.
If your order is cancelled then we will notify you by phone or e-mail.
You have the right to cancel your order at any time up to fitting date. You should notify us by email if you do have to cancel your order.



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